Flight School


One of the principles that led us to the creation of our virtual company, some years ago, was the permanent training of our pilots through our VFR and IFR Flight Schools. Being part, as a virtual company, of an air simulation network is, from our point of view, a serious commitment, especially with those members who are joining daily and who need all the necessary support and training to be able to operate in optimal conditions as virtual pilots.
The plurality of programs at the time prior to the first connection to IVAO; the stage fright at that "first contact with a controller" in a highly professional simulation network; the lack of knowledge, in most cases, of modes and procedures when operating with some of the aircraft, etc., have led us in our company Alair Virtual Airlines to develop a training system that involves a commitment to seriousness with those who come to our company. It is clear that we demand the same commitment to seriousness from those who want to join our flight schools.
Simulating a VFR flight operation is not extraordinarily difficult but it is certainly more complex than doing a "direct" from aerodrome A to aerodrome B. Simulating an IFR operation is not only programming an FMC when, sometimes, you do not even know the direction of the direction of an airway, interpreting a chart or making a flight plan, to mention some of the most frequent cases that are usually seen.
Our VFR and IFR flight schools develop a complete training program where our student-pilots reach a level that allows them to operate, within a virtual environment of air simulation, with full guarantees. That is our commitment.
Are you ready to start this training program? If you need any clarification do not hesitate to contact us through our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are sure you want to join our company, click here.